The Sweet Side of Summer!

From ice cream to funnel cakes to the famous scones... you will have to save room for some delicious desserts at the Taste!


Ben & Jerry's

  Ice Cream

Biringer Farms

 Shortcake, Brownies & Scones!

Blue Elephant

 Elephant Ears

Chocolate Delitez

Chocolate dipped Cheesecake

Crepe Tyme

 Dessert Crepes - strawberry, banana, nutella & more

Fisher Fair Scones

A variety of scones

Funnel Cakes

 Funnel Cakes

Hawaii's Donut

 Malasadas & Puffusadas

Keli's Hawaiian Foods

 Hawaiian Strawberry Shortcake


 Chocolate Dipped Fruit on a Stick

Soft Serve Ice Cream

 Ice Cream